VW Wheels

January 02, 1998

These are the VERY best quality EMPI style 5-spoke wheels available, a smooth finish and clean machine work. We have found a new supplier for the well-known EMPI style 5- and 8-spoke wheels. These Volkswagen wheels are closer to the original EMPI wheels made in the 60s.

The current American Eagle wheel made in the USA is a poor quality, mass-produced wheel with very old tooling, making for a low-quality finished product. We import these wheels from Europe and they are newly tooled and machined to the highest quality. These wheels do cost a little more, but they are worth every penny. Available in Silver, Black, Polished and Fully Chrome-Plated.

We import this very high quality and beautiful BRM replica wheel from Europe. Our BRM Volkswagen wheels come with a beautiful clearcoat finish which will not allow the aluminum to tarnish. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners on these wheels as it can damage the clearcoat finish. The center cap and the wheel mounting bolt kits are sold separately. Center caps are sold separately. We offer two versions of center caps, both have the original SPEEDWELL-BRM logo. One is the flat style which fits most Beetle, Ghia, Type 3s. The other is our extra tall cap, which is designed for the Bus and very early Beetle, which have a very tall center bearing or axle hub which extends beyond the face of the wheel.

This wheel is available with polished spokes and black background (with a protective clearcoat) or fully chrome-plated. These Volkswagen wheels are made from an aluminum alloy. Pattern available is 5x205mm Early model Beetle 46-67, Ghia 56-66, Type-3 62-65, Bus 52-70.

The JGE Rader Wheel are the most beautiful ALL ALUMINUM reproduction EMPI Rader wheel available! This is a reproduction of the EMPI Rader wheel originally available in the sixties. This beautiful Volkswagen wheel is one piece monoblock aluminum with a ribbed spoke and a chrome centercap. The wheel is JWL and VIA approved. The Rader wheels are much lighter in weight and are a far better quality than any other similar reproduction on the market. They are available in four finishes: Fully Chromed-Plated, Polished Aluminum, Gunmetal Grey (with clearcoat) and Silver (with clearcoat). All wheels come equipped with a chrome center cap. Mounting hardware is sold separately.

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