Thermador Car Cooler for Your Vintage VW Volkswagen Lowrider

Thermador car cooler for VW

You can’t be olde skool without an original thermador car cooler. Basically its air-conditioning that uses no energy. Inside the big gray tube is a blanket with a string attached that hangs in the passenger window. You fill the tube up with water before you start driving, then every so often you pull the cord. It rotates the blanket inside and dips it in the water. Then air comes through the tube, it becomes cool by going through the wet blanket and finally goes into your car. Obviously it doesn’t work in high humidity or when you’re at a stoplight. Expect to pay as much as $275, but I got lucky and found mine on eBay for only $130.

2 Responses to Thermador Car Cooler for Your Vintage VW Volkswagen Lowrider

  1. Dmitriy says:

    Hello, my name is Dmitriy. I’m from Russia, I really like how it looks Thermador Car Cooler and would like to install this on my car, but his great price and shipping is not little. could you explain, that I may do it myself? the pictures of his device it will be wonderful.
    thanks in advance.

  2. Bill Chance says:

    So now I see another one, sort of, at a car show. This one is not as crude as the one in my memory (I
    m pretty sure that one was home-made) and, instead of ice, it’s an evaporative cooler better known in these parts as a swamp cooler. It’s known as a Car Cooler or a Thermador.

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